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Unashamed #2 | Lance Johnson | 04-14-24

Guest speaker, Lance Johnson of Genesis Church in West Plains, MO, tells us the significance of when Jesus stands.

Unashamed #1 | Chris Vaught | 04-07-24

Jesus always called those to follow Him publicly. Why is that?

The Controversy | Chris Vaught | 03-31-24

If Jesus did not come up out of the grave, then nothing matters; but if Jesus did come up out of the grave, nothing but that matters!

Ready, Set, Go #9 | Chris Vaught | 03-24-24

Center your emotions on Christ, not the praise or criticism of people.

Ready, Set, Go #8 | Chris Vaught | 03-17-24

Boldness helps us look for opportunities to share the Gospel.

Ready, Set, Go #7 | Chris Vaught | 03-10-24

Gratitude is not simply giving thanks, it is a state of mind that can forever change your perspective on life.

Ready, Set, Go #6 | Chris Vaught | 03-03-24

Giving is only truly done right, when it's done joyfully.

Ready, Set, Go #5 | Chris Vaught | 02-25-24

What does it mean to be caught in the awe of God?

Ready, Set, Go #4 | Chris Vaught | 02-18-24

Fasting, in addition to prayer, is not only Biblical, but also a necessary tool to grow in obedience and trust in God.

Ready, Set, Go #3 | Chris Vaught | 02-11-24

Did you know that you were designed for both a physical and a spiritual family?

Ready, Set, Go #2 | Chris Vaught | 02-04-24

As we look at Acts 2, we see Jesus' disciples devoted themselves to the Scriptures. We are to do the same!

Ready, Set, Go #1 | Chris Vaught | 01-28-24

Get ready to live your life on purpose for God!

Faith in Action #3 | Chris Vaught | 01-21-24

God is sovereignly working even when we aren't aware. He is working though His people to bring the light of His hope, love and message of salvation to the world.

Faith in Action #2 | Chris Vaught | 01-14-24

Who is this Holy Spirit?

Faith in Action #1 | Chris Vaught | 01-07-24

We start 2024 with the goal of studying the book of Acts, and putting our faith in action!

The Lamb of God | Darren DeLoach | 12-31-23

A deeper look into the Bible shows how everything inside connects and points to the Lamb of God.

Arrival #4 | Chris Vaught | 12-24-23

This Christmas, know that before there can be peace on Earth, there must be peace in you!

Arrival #3 | Chris Vaught | 12-17-23

Have you ever thought much about the power of light?

Arrival #2 | Chris Vaught | 12-10-23

In the same way we embrace a baby, we should embrace Jesus!

Arrival #1 | Chris Vaught | 12-03-23

We can get lost in our modern Christmas celebrations and forget who and what Christmas is all about. Christmas is about a person with a purpose!

Keeping It 100 | Danny Dunivan | 11-26-23

What is hypocrisy and why is it something we should avoid?

Built Different | Chris Vaught | 11-19-23

We want your families to be built different from what the norm of society may look like. What does that take? Intentionality!

Celebrate! #7 | Chris Vaught | 11-12-23

There are no perfect people in this world and when you strive for perfection in order to be accepted by others, you will constantly be faced with frustration, failure ...

Celebrate! #6 | Chris Vaught | 11-05-23

Coming from a spiritual perspective, what is keeping you from living the life you want to live?

Celebrate! #5 | Chris Vaught | 10-29-23

With the Feast of Pentecost, we celebrate the present by remembering God's work in the past.

Celebrate! #4 | Chris Vaught | 10-22-23

There is one subject that everyone wants to know about, but no one wants to talk about. What is that subject? Death!

Celebrate! #3 | Chris Vaught | 10-15-23

We are all looking for purpose, and if we turn to God, He will show us our true purpose!

Celebrate! #2 | Chris Vaught | 10-08-23

Are we all guilty of sin before God? Yes, we each are sinners by birth and choice. But what if that is only part of the whole truth God wants you to know?

Celebrate! #1 | David Brickner | 10-01-23

Special guest speaker David Brickner, executive director of Jews for Jesus, tells us how the Feast of Tabernacles points to Jesus Christ.For more info on David and Jew...

The Disciple's Path #3 | Chris Vaught | 09-24-23

If we are going to serve as Jesus served and do as Jesus did, how do we start?

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