Weekly Sunday messages from Connection Point Church in Jackson, Missouri.

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The Sent Ones #4 | Chris Vaught | 06-09-24

Do you believe your life has purpose?

The Sent Ones #3 | Chris Vaught | 06-02-24

Have you ever been surprised when God answered a prayer?

The Sent Ones #2 | Chris Vaught | 05-26-24

Does God care about the struggles you, or someone you love is going through?

The Sent Ones #1 | Chris Vaught | 05-19-24

Everyone needs encouragement at times. God may send someone to encourage you, or He may send you to be the encourager!

Striving for Success | Lisa Vaught | 05-12-24

If we aren't careful, we can spend our lives focused on success in the form of materialism or social status, and fail to see the only lasting success comes from pursui...

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