Weekly Sunday messages from Connection Point Church in Jackson, Missouri.

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Ready, Set, Go #4 | Chris Vaught | 02-18-24

Fasting, in addition to prayer, is not only Biblical, but also a necessary tool to grow in obedience and trust in God.

Ready, Set, Go #3 | Chris Vaught | 02-11-24

Did you know that you were designed for both a physical and a spiritual family?

Ready, Set, Go #2 | Chris Vaught | 02-04-24

As we look at Acts 2, we see Jesus' disciples devoted themselves to the Scriptures. We are to do the same!

Ready, Set, Go #1 | Chris Vaught | 01-28-24

Get ready to live your life on purpose for God!

Faith in Action #3 | Chris Vaught | 01-21-24

God is sovereignly working even when we aren't aware. He is working though His people to bring the light of His hope, love and message of salvation to the world.

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